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Three Financial Student Financial Aid Categories

It is really sad when money becomes the hindrance of achieving ones dream to be successful in life. Yes, there are students who belong to low family income and middle class who cannot sustain the expensive college tuition fees. But the government of United States offered them the chance to make those dreams come true. It is in the form of Federal student aid which is in three categories. You may take a look here at for details. The categories made for student to choose according to what they want and what they can have. The financial aid can only be granted to you if you have filled out FAFSA form. This form can be obtained at your school. After completing the form, you can now choose the financial aid you want. Apply for fafsa in this link.image

For you to get help in picking out the financial aid which fits you, read some information about them. Read the info below:

  1. Federal Loans. The Department of Education in USA provides the competent students which are fit in Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans. The loan is exclusive from those that provided in private lenders. The loan is starting on income payment options and fixed interests. The Federal Loan is less expensive than private loan.
  2.  Federal Grants. This is a merit that assists school students that may differ in total amount and also the legal standards handed. It won’t expect reimbursement. The rewards and grants exclusively presented to secondary school graduates and undergraduates who have very low income or could not afford college costs.
  3. Federal Work-Study. This system gives part-time job to all those students who seem to be eager to work when studying. The position proposed will depend on what every person picked field.

Since you already knew about the Federal student aid, maybe it is now the time to know how to obtain FAFSA pin and how to apply for it here at

How to Apply for Student Loan?

A student loan is a type of loan for the young people who wanted to go to college but could not afford. The money they get from this loan will be paid for the tuition, books, fees, school expenses and other more fees for the entire college year of a student. There are many prominent companies that are offering this service. All you need is go to a trusted one so you can secure that your education and dream will come true such as the Great Lakes Student Loans. In case you want to apply for a loan, you can always ask your school. But to make it easier, in this article are the steps of how to apply for a student loan.

  1. Obtain and fill out a form called Free Application for Federal Aid. The form will be the mean of the government if you are fit for the direct loan. The direct loans are given by the U.S Department of Education since they have low-interest and very flexible when it comes to monthly payments. You can also look for private lenders in case for other option like Wells Fargo student loans.
  2. You can also look for other options such as scholarships, sponsorships or grants in case you have applied for one. If you have obtained any from above or not, you can now decide how much student loan you need.
  3. You will need an entrance counseling if it is your first time to apply for the loan. In this counseling you will understand all the terms and conditions of the loan as a responsible borrower of the money.
  4. You will complete the Master Promissory Note that says about your promise to give back the amount of money you have borrowed. You can get it from your school.
  5. If you haven’t get enough money to pay for your college in Direct Loans and other forms of financial aid, you can look for private lenders which will give you to pay for the rest.
  6. If you have found the right lender, make sure you review the contract before signing.

Ways to pay for college depends on you and student loan is just one of the many options you have.

What to Expect Enrolling in University of Phoenix?

One of the famous trends today is the online universities to obtain a degree of your choice. There are many benefits that people can see why they are enrolling on online schools. University of Phoenix is among the schools you can opt for. If you are interested for their program you can go to Phoenix login page for more details.  If review is what you are looking for, you can read the following below.

What are the pros of University of Phoenix online?
1. The University of Phoenix online focuses on the non traditional technique for instructing. They assume that you will have an active daily life. It is beneficial to students who got jobs aside from going to school.
2. They would not have the stringent entrance prerequisites and will not require entrance assessment. Those students who were not successful on graduating high school may have the second chance to be on university.
3. The courses are more about real-world knowledge and on the job experiences.
4. You could deal with individuals which might be also aligned with your study course which are older that could be a good networking method of obtaining chances.
What are the not so good side of the school?

1. The university marketed the group effort which works very well on most with the individuals. However imagine if there are some that aren’t within this design? This may be a disadvantage on that student.
2. The rapid pace coaching of University of Phoenix online fail to work for everybody.
3. The mood as well as the encounter to be on traditional college is forfeited even if there are several adult students who are able to deal with the Ecampus.


Online program degree is also like obtaining a degree on traditional school. Choose your own course now.