Sears Employee Benefits and Services

EmployeesThe Sears Holding Corporations is among the largest chains of department stores in Canada and United States. Due to this, they also have large numbers of employees to manage. They have developed as their Human Resources system to manage these employees in the quick and easy way. If you are a present and past employee of the company, you can always create your own user ID and password to access the 88sears website.

What are the benefits and services you can find online?

You can find benefits that are offered by this company which are not just advantage to you but also to your family and domestic partners. So, it is best to enrol yourself now and avail these benefits. The information is on the website about health, financial, dental plan, disability option, prescription plan, voluntary benefits and many more.  This post will tell you more about the website.

Other services offered:

  1. Handbook. You may browse the handbook from the company which you could download in PDF form.
  2. W-2 Form. You would fill out this form online. This is for your retirement or pension plan.
  3.  Personal Updates. You may improve your private information online just like contact information or address in the event you modified.
  4. Compensation. This service is given to employees who have done well on their job. Anytime this can be claimed at the website if you deserve it.
  5. Online Resources and Trainings. If you ever are a new staff while in the company, you could find correct coaching tools from the website. The components are usually utilize both online and offline.
  6. HR Contacts. You can also find the contact list online of HR in case of inquiries.
  7. Online Assistance. As an element of the firm, you can find online guidance for those who have some concerns regarding your status in the company or regarding the good things about avail.

These are the services you can find online.

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