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Advantages Inmate Gets Using CorrLinks Program

Do you want to talk to your loved ones as often as you want? It can be lonely inside the prison, especially when people don’t often visit you. Now it’s time you for you to reach them by emailing through CorrLinks. With the minimum fee of 0.05$ per minute, you can send multiple of Corrlinks prison email messages you wish to invite and message. Why CorrLinks program?image

  • Fast communication. Federal of Prisons thinks that prisoners and their loved ones might want to hear news from each other as often as they can. That is why they issued this system for a faster communication in both side. With the minimum payment for the service, both sides can send multiple emails anytime they want. They can share information if they have the same registry number of the prisoners.
  • Genuine messages. Junk and spam messages are the problems of most email services. But not on this system. Users can guarantee of the safety and convenient communication in this system. You can exchange word without worrying about your personal information. Only important emails will be found on your inbox.
  • User-friendly system. The process of signing up and adding contact on your address book is very easy and convenient. You only need an email address and the registry number and your account is already setup. You can also setup an email alert when you want to know if you have received an email from the inside.
  • Protects your account. There will be individuals who will see the control of sending and receiving of emails in the system. You will not find unauthorized users because only those who are given the invitation can register. There is a feature that can either block or approve the email to be sent on the recipient. It can put you at ease that your prison email is protected by the system from unauthorized users.

Get your own account now by visiting their website now at www.corrlinks.com login page.