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Paying Online with Your Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Have you receive a Vanilla Visa Gift Card from someone? It is a debit card from Vanilla Visa which can be used to pay for products or any items you wish to buy. The card is accepted over six million stores but only in US and District Columbia. It can also be shopped online but also limited to websites on the mentioned countries. In case you want to shop online, you might want to read the following steps below. This is a guide on how you can use the Vanilla Visa Gift Card online as payment.image

  1. Users need to examine the vanillavisa.com balance from the card by looking to the Vanilla Visa website. It’s essential to enter the exclusive number, expiration date together with the CVV three digit number of the card. It will be positioned at the rear of the card following the signature.
  2. Shortly after you already knew the balance, you need to create an account and also card online. In this way, you could make an online transaction with the card. Just go in the website posted at the rear area.
  3. When you are on the website, you may type in the card account number and then the zip code of the place. This program is for protection reason of one’s purchase deal.
  4. ¬†Check out the website in which you are interested in something. Obtain the item you want to purchase and then just check out the settlement webpage in the website. You’ll have to enter in the account number of the gift card you possess within the text field specified. You need to supply furthermore other private information expected within you.

These are the four steps in which helps you use your Vanilla Visa Gift Card online.  Make sure you identify first if the website is legit to avoid being scammed. Check your Vanilla Visa card balance before you shop.